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27th May 2021

Utilitarianism, an ethical theory that argues that the best course of action or the most moral course of action is the one that maximises utility. First proposed in the late 1700s by Jeremy...

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International organisations

19th May 2021

There are many international organisations (IOs) in the modern world, some are focused on peacekeeping such as the UN, others have a more economic purpose such as the IMF, WTO and World Bank...

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12th May 2021

Congestion is an issue that affects many cities and towns in first world countries. A prime example, and the one I will focus on today, is London. London, like many other major cities, is a sprawling...

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Ship of Theseus and identity

10th May 2021

It’s the 1500s and you’re out exploring the high seas in a wooden ship. You’re walking along the upper deck, and to your horror you spot a rotting plank on the side! You scramble to get it replaced, and...

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Ship of Theseus (Abridged)

5th May 2021

The Ship of Theseus is a famous philosophical paradox, one that’s very important to consider. A short summary is this: if you start with a ship, and gradually replace each plank with a new plank due to...

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Volatility in economies

25th March 2021

In 1998, Russia had a short burst of economic growth, fuelled by high oil prices, among other factors such as the devaluation of the currency to make their exports more competitively priced. However, as...

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Regulations and economic growth

23rd February 2021

Bringing down greenhouse emissions to net zero is not an easy task, requiring extensive regulation to encourage businesses to shift away from environmentally unfriendly products and raw materials...

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An Armchair economist

24th April 2020

This book is of a moderate length, covering topics that the public usually has a fixed opinion about, such as unemployment - which is generally considered a negative effect of a poor economy. It then...

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Political philosophy

12th April 2020

This is a fairly short book, it’s seven chapters and about 130 pages. In that, however, it contains a great wealth of information and is densely packed with unbiased insights into key questions that form...

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Projects CS

28th March 2020

This is a page for all my projects, it includes a brief documentation about the project. I hope you find this interesting, and are able to get something useful from this page...

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Object oriented programming

27th March 2020

Many programmers will be familiar with the term "Object Oriented Programming" (OOP), and many will know what this refers to. However, there are also plenty of beginners implementing OOP unknowingly. OOP is...

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